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Please Keep in mind ... WSR System is not an investment company, scheme or business. It is the only and only the helping system.
Transparent behaviour will help us to help more people and minimize the financial troubles in their life.

  1. WSR is a fully non-working plan, so no fixed time duration for refund or level wise payment.
  2. Social activity is mandatory to all volunteers to qualify each level payment. Otherwise, level payment will be kept on hold.
  3. Similarly media promotion is mandatory for every volunteer after receiving the level payment along with social activities details.
  4. WSR is not responsible if volunteer's information updated incorrect / incomplete by themself under their WSR ID on the website.
  5. All volunteers are prohibited from using the site or its content to submit false or misleading information to anyone.
  6. Volunteers can review the updated terms and conditions on this website at any time.
  7. WSR reserves the rights to replace / update any part of these terms and conditions at any moment on the website.
  8. WSR may notify volunteer by contacting through e-mail address or mobile number to intimate about cancellation / Termination the ID if found any activity which harmful to WSR or WSR websites.
  9. Volunteers can not apply for help level income withdrawal till his / her full level joining is not completed.
  10. Volunteers payment will be released in 7 working days after applying for withdrawal as mentioned in point no 9.